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The Switch

The Switch is a little experimental 'notgame' focusing on the topic of government corruption, and the elements of choice. You are put into the shoes of an executioner for an unknown government. Your job is to listen to 'The Man' and do what he says. You will have to escort prisoners to the chair, and then execute them. While both 'The Man' and the prisoner plead with you. While you play, your choices affect the gameplay. We display the percentage of who did what on our review site here! We encourage you to play the game, and drop a few lines for us, and the other players! Please play this with an open-mind, and a political eye as it is made to make you think about today's life, and society.


  • Arrow keys to move left and right
  • Space bar to interact with objects. (Flip switches, Open cells)

Short and sweet gameplay! Only about 5 minutes of play time, yet there are multiple endings so feel free to play again, and think out of the box!

(P.S. One of these days I dream of owning my very own Spotify subscription)


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Um. How do I download the game? There's no button for it anywhere.